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+ Magnetic Picture Frames


Magnetic Picture Frames / Photo Pockets by MGI Magnetics

Our magnetic picture frames are versatile and re-usable! These flexible, vinyl magnetic picture frames / photo holders are perfect for use with digital photos that you print at home. They are made with the highest quality photo-safe materials, and the clear cover protects your photo or anything else you want to tuck in them. Sealed on three sides and open on the long side make it easy to slip pictures or coupons in and out of our magnetic picture frames.

Since our magnetic frames will cling to any metal surface, you can use them on your fridge, filing cabinets and shelving. We love how easy it is to organize everything on the refrigerator door with magnetic picture frames! Use them for:

     - Photos
     - Coupons
     - Kid's artwork
     - Schedules and reminders
     - Lists

They make great gifts, too. Many people don't realize that these useful magnetic picture frames are available, and they're thrilled to get a set of them.

Our magnetic picture frames are MADE TO LAST and manufactured with pride in the USA. They are heavy-duty with durable, die-cut seams. Their strong, solid, magnetic backing guarantees a secure hold to metal surfaces! Our magnetic frames are also made to withstand extreme hot as well as cold temperatures.

Advantages of Magnetic Picture Frames
     - Use magnetic picture frames to neatly display and protect your photos
     - The full magntic backing guaranties a strong hold to metal surfaces
     - Die-cut - Sealed on three sides - Open on the long side
     - Can be reused as often as desired - Insert/photo is easy to change

     - They are easy to relocate
     - Durable and long lasting
     - Permanently magnetic
     - Just wipe clean when needed

Choose Magnetic Picture Frame Size:

2.5" x 3.5" 5" x 7"
3.5" x 5" 8.5" x 11"
4" x 6" 8.5" x 14"
11" x 17"
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