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+ Magnetic Document Holders with the EZ-Load Flap

Magnetic Document Holder with EZ-Load Flap

Magnetic Document Pockets with Flap 8.5 x 11 8.5 x 11 Magnetic Document Holder with Flap8.5-x-11 Magnetic Windows Holder with Flapmade-in-usa.jpg

These high quality flexible vinyl Magnetic Document Holders with the EZ-Load Flap are quick and easy to open and load, remove or make changes to the document. Just fold back the vinyl cover. As with a magnetic window document holder, you can add notes and make edits to your document, with the added bonus that the insert is protected by the clear flap when closed back up.

Sealed along the bottom and open on both sides and on the top, our magnetic document holders are kept firmly closed by two magnetic strips along the top. The full magnet back guarantees a firm hold to metal surfaces. Ink resistant clear cover and colored strips. When wiping off markings, there will be no residue left if dry erase markers are used. For horizontal or vertical use.

Organize with colors. Choose from red, dark blue, medium blue, light blue, dark green, teal, yellow, orange, gray and white. Select different quantities from all available 10 colors and receive a discount on the combined total.

Easy to access and relocate, cost effective, 5S, versatile, reusable and long lasting, our Magnetic Document Holders with the EZ-Load Flap are perfect for the lean workstation!

- Use in the same way as a magnetic window holder, the flap is easy to open for making notes and protects the document when closed
- Available in 4 US sizes and 10 colors
- Durable, die cut, flexible vinyl holders with rounded corners
Clear flap protects document
- Quantity discounts
- Made in USA with highest quality materials for US standard paper sizes



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