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Magnetic Document Holders POCKETS

magnetic document holder8.5 x 11 magnetic document holder pocket sleeve8.5-x-11-magnetic-document-pocket-sleeve-framepocket document holder magnetic 8.5 x 11

Magnetic Document Holder Pocket   -   by MGI Magnetics

Versatile and reusable, our die cut vinyl magnetic document holder pocket is ideal for every need, whether it be in your office, warehouse or home. This multi-purpose sleeve type holder will keep all of your important papers neatly organized, protected and visible!

The strong, full magnetic back guarantees a firm hold every time! Place it on any metal surface, including doors, file cabinets, machinery, appliances, shelving, even cars and eliminate the hassle of those sticky adhesives, tacks and nails!

The opening on the long side of the pocket holder, makes it easy to insert and change out a document as often as needed.

Made in the USA of the highest quality materials, our pocket / sleeve products are MADE TO LAST. We offer all our magnetic holders, pocket sleeve frames in a variety of sizes with quantity discounts available on all. Always in stock we ship within 2-3 business day.

Product Code:  FZ-DH - Magnetic Document Holder / Pocket / Sleeve / Frame

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Available in the following 4 US sizes:

8.5" x 11"    8.5" x 14"    11" x 17"    18" x 24"
8.5 x 11 Magnetic Document Holder Pocket Sleeve Frame Window with Flap