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+ State Shaped Magnets with Capital 2-color

State Magnets

All 2-color state shaped magnets are for sale individually - $1.99 each   + USA State Magnets (2color)

State Magnet Set State Magnet Set USA and Canada State Magnet Collectors Map Static Cling USA Fridge Map
 US State Magnet Set
(52 Magnets
includes Static Cling
Collector's Map

$ 59.00
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 US State and Canada Magnet Set
(65 Magnets)

includes Static Cling
Collector's Map

$ 79.00
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 US State Magnet Map
Static Cling Collector's Map

(no Magnets)
SALE - save 20% now
use code: Fridge

$ 14.95
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On a cross country road trip? These are the same state magnets found at Loves Truck Stops, gift shops and other truck stops across the US. 

Collect state magnets and keep track of the states you have visited. Both you and your kids will love these 2 color US State Shaped Magnets featuring every state in the United States. You can use our
State Magnet Collector's USA Map to place each State Shaped Magnet where it belongs, right on the fridge where your kids can see it all the time, for the ultimate geography lesson! 

All are 3D, flexible, injection molded State Shaped Magnets 2.5 square inches in size and each magnet features the state capital, state slogan, and an illustration of something the state is known for. The set makes a wonderful gift for holidays and birthdays.

When you order the complete set of 50 US States plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico (52 magnets) you save on the magnets and we include a free USA Collector's Fridge Map (a $14.95 value). The collector's fridge map is also available separately.
Our USA State Magnet Collector's Fridge Map is made to fit these state magnets, it is not a puzzle!

Our Ultra Color State Magnets are a line that has been discontinued and we only still have limited quantities of some states in stock. These state magnets are now for sale at 50% savings! View all available Ultra Color State Magnets

Orders placed ship within 2-5 business days.


Compare state magnet display options below:

   State Magnet Collectors MAP                State Magnet Map Board
State Magnet Collectors MAP
18 inches x 24 inches
$ 14.95

          State Magnet Collectors Map BOARD
          18 inches x 24 inches
          $ 58.00

As an alternative to the heavy metal map board, the state magnet collectors map is also available as a light weight, easy to mail, static cling display made of high quality, adhesive-free, durable, flexible vinyl film. It is easy to apply and will hold firmly to a smooth, clean metal surface such as a refrigerator door or other appliance, a 18”x24” metal cookie sheet, file cabinet or metal door.

View video on the left.
                                                                                                          Sturdy Metal Board                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



50 State Magnets
Washington DC and Puerto Rico
plus  FREE  USA Fridge Map
..... more


USA / Canada Set
50 State Magnets
Washington DC, Puerto Rico
and 13 Canadian Provinces
plus  FREE
  Fridge Map
..... more

State Magnet Collectors USA Map Board Alternative


State Magnet Collectors Static Cling USA Fridge Map

 Now kids can fit state magnets into place on a
USA map right on the fridge!

By placing your USA Fridge Map where your kids can see it all
the time, they'll naturally be drawn to it and start playing with the
2 color State Shaped Magnets - an instant, easy and fun USA
geography lesson.

Teach your kids in a FUN way about the United States.
Having the map in constant view makes learning effortless!
Great teaching tool for parents, teachers and home-schoolers.

Our collector's USA Fridge Map fits the 2 Color State Shaped
available on our site and offered in gift shops and truck
stops across the US.





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