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+ 5S Magnetic Document Holders

Easy Load Magnetic Pocket Display Holder 5S Easy Load Magnetic Pocket Document Holder with Flap 5S 
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The primary difference between the Magnetic Document Holder with the EZ-Load Flap and the Magnetic Document Holder - Pocket is that the holder with the EZ-Load Flap is open on three sides, sealed only along the bottom, while the holder - Pocket is sealed on three sides and open only on one side, the long side. Both are pockets with different loading options, can be used horizontally and vertically and are easy to load.
All our products are made in the USA with highest quality materials for US sizes and will fit your documents perfectly!

Easy Load Magnetic Document Holder with the EZ-Load Flap
Our easy load magnetic pocket with the EZ-Load Flap is especially helpful if you want to change documents or make edits and notes to them often! They are open on three sides and sealed only along the bottom to make that job easy. Open the pocket by folding back the flap, insert and fold back up. Like a window magnetic document holder, the easy access allows for editing and making changes to the document as needed, with the additional benefit that the clear flap closes and protects what's inside.

Made of flexible vinyl with two strong magnetic strips on the top to keep the pocket tightly closed. Die cut seams and rounded corners make the holder especially durable. A full magnet backing assures a strong hold to metal surfaces. You can write on the dry erase friendly clear front and colored strip. There will be no residue left when dry erase markers are used. For vertical and horizontal use - Flap to the side, up or down.

Available in 10 colors (red, dark blue, medium blue, light blue, dark green, teal, yellow, orange, gray and white) to help you organize. Mix and match multiple colors and quantities of each color for a quantity discount on the combined total.

Lean, 5S, versatile and reusable, our easy load magnetic pockets are a great choice for your office!

Easy Load Magnetic Document Holder - Pocket

These pockets are best suited for documents and displays that don't need to be switched or edited on a regular basis.



Easy Load Magnetic Document Holder with the EZ-Load Flap  - available in the following 4 US sizes:
8.5" x 11"     8.5" x 14"     11" x 17"     18" x 24"

Easy Load Magnetic Document Holder - Pocket  - available in the following 7 US sizes:
2.5" x 3.5"     3.5" x 5"     4" x 6"     5" x 7"     8.5" x 11"     8.5" x 14"     11" x 17"