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Magnetic Sign Holder

magnetic sign holder frames vinyl sleeves Sign Frames 8.5 x 11 Magnetic Sleeves Holders       8.5 x 11 Magnetic Sign Holders Pockets Display Frames           Magnetic Sign Frames Sleeves Pockets Holders 8.5 x 11


Magnetic Vinyl Sign Holder Frame  -  by MGI Magnetics

This flexible vinyl magnetic sign holder is perfect for displaying and protecting a printed sign.

It's easy to insert your sign into the long side opening. The clear cover protects it, and the strong, welded, solid magnetic back assures a firm hold to metal surfaces. Use them on metal doors and lockers, file cabinets, metal shelving and carts and metal walls.

They're a cost-effective solution for:

- Work schedules
- Events
- Employee information
- Licenses and certificates
- Reminders
- Safety Information Signs

Heavy duty and durable vinyl pockets, they have a strong, solid magnetic back and especially durable, die cut welded seams. Our vinyl holders are MADE TO LAST and manufactured with pride in the USA.

Packaged in convenient 10-count poly bags and available in a variety of sizes. We offer additional discounts for higher volume orders and next day shipping.

Product Code:  FZ-SH - Magnetic Vinyl Sign Holder Frame


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Available in the following US sizes:

8.5" x 11"    8.5" x 14"    11" x 17"    18" x 24"
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