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  • Magnetic Label Holders, 3.5x5 inch Pockets-D
  • Magnetic Label Holders, 3.5x5 inch Pockets-A
  • Magnetic Label Holders, 3.5x5 inch Pockets-F
  • Magnetic Label Holders, 3.5x5 inch Pockets-E
  • Magnetic Label Holders, 3.5x5 inch Pockets-C

Magnetic Label Holders/Pockets - 3.5x5 inch

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A warehouse environment is prone to dust that clings to sticky labels and can make them unusable. This is not a problem for our magnetic label holders. The solid magnetic backing will cling strongly to the metal beneath it! Inserts are easy to change making the magnetic label holder reusable and a cost effective solution.

Our heavy duty, flexible magnetic label holders are made in the USA with high quality materials. Die-cut seams make them especially durable and the solid magnetic backing guarantees a secure hold to metal surfaces. They are always in stock and orders ship the next business day.

Custom sizes available. Please contact us for more details.

Item # FZ2-LH - Magnetic Label Holder - Fits Insert Size: 3.5 x 5 inch
Item # FZ2-1-LH     -     1 piece pack
Item # FZ2-5-LH     -     5 piece pack
Item # FZ2-10-LH   -   10 piece pack
Item # FZ2-25-LH   -   25 piece pack
Item # FZ2-50-LH   -   50 piece pack
Item # FZ2-100-LH - 100 piece pack




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