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Get Organized using Magnetic Picture Frames

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Organize your refrigerator and organize your life. If you’re like me your fridge can fill up quickly with all kinds of important stuff. In our house if it makes it to the fridge it’s an important document.

The problem with using the refrigerator as a filing cabinet is that the items can get ruined by splashes or spills, dirty fingers and even standard magnets can damage pictures and documents. Using a variety of magnetic picture frame sizes is a fun and easy way to get organized and stay organized.

Keep coupons in one frame, and appointment cards in another. Tired of trying to keep track of all the different store reward cards? Keep them handy in a magnetic photo frame. You can even toss it in your purse when you go shopping. Tired of the kids asking “what’s for dinner?” over and over? Create a week-long menu with the kids and put it in the frame so now everyone knows!

Use the magnetic picture frame for your chore chart. Use dry/erase markers to check off each chore as they’re completed.

Keep important numbers handy for the babysitter by printing out an Emergency Phone Number list that includes local police and fire numbers (don’t forget to include 911) and family members and neighbors. I always make sure to print our address on this list too. A babysitter might not know or remember the address in the event of an emergency.

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include children’s artwork. Using a magnetic photo frame to display a child’s artwork keeps it prominent and keeps it clean. Here’s a tip – scan your children’s drawings paintings before you display them on the fridge. That way you have a digital copy (perfect for displaying in a digital frame) that can be saved forever.

Magnetic picture frames come in a variety of sizes. Click here to learn more