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Save a Life: What Could Be More Important?

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Would you know what to do if a loved one, friend or colleague had an accident or a heart attack? If they were unresponsive and not breathing? Perhaps you learned CPR years ago, but would you remember what to do in a panic and under extreme pressure?

Our magnetic CPR instructions holder could be a lifesaver - literally. In a life-threatening emergency, seconds matter, and in the heat of the moment it's easy to forget what you've learned or to freeze and not know what to do. Having this CPR chart to hand could make that vital difference between being able to perform CPR or not.

The chart gives visual and written CPR instructions, for adults, children and infants. Clearly written and easy to follow at a glance, even someone who has never learned CPR would understand what to do by following the chart.

The chart fits neatly into our 8.5 x 11" magnetic picture frame, and can be displayed at a key place in your home or workplace. Lightweight and durable, it can easily be taken down and brought to the casualty, or someone can use it to relay instructions to the first aider while you wait for emergency services to arrive.

In the home, displaying the magnetic CPR instructions holder on the fridge or somewhere else prominent can help family members to absorb the life-saving instructions without even knowing it - the more you see something, the more it sinks in. In the workplace, having these charts on display sends a strong message that you care for your workforce, and that you are a responsible employer.

Of course, we hope you'll never have to use it. But should the unthinkable happen, our magnetic CPR instructions holder will be right where you need it most, when you need it most. Get yours today for peace of mind all round.

Magnetic CPR Instructions Holder