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Keep Your Kids Reading List Front and Center with Magnetic Picture Frames

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It’s a good bet your child has a reading list tucked away in their backpack. Pull it out, flatten it out and tuck it inside a magnetic picture frame so you can put it on the fridge for easy access.

A reading list is a great idea for all kids and if your school didn’t supply one you can put your own together or go to GoodReads to see all the different reading lists they provide. I did a search for middle school reading lists and was able to choose from 60 different reading lists. I chose the Best School Assigned list and then printed it out.

I put the reading list in the large magnetic picture frame and now when my son or daughter finishes a book from the list they can just cross it off or put a check mark next to using a dry erase marker. Because it’s just a screen shot from the internet it includes a place for them to rate the books they have read.

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Magnetic Reading List Holders