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Frame Pressed Flowers

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Summer is here and you probably have a garden full of beautiful blooms. You might also have a few bored kids who are in need of something creative to do.Here’s a fun way to preserve the blooms of the summer and get your kids away from the TV or computer.

1. Have the children collect their favorite flowers from the garden and trim off any dead leaves or excess stem.

2. Place the flowers inside a magnetic picture frame being careful to arrange in the position you prefer. You may want to glue them to a piece of paper first, using a tiny amount of glue or double sticking tape so the arrangement stays in place.

3. Flatten the frame with your hands, a book or similar object.

4. Date the magnetic picture frame with a dry/erase pen on the front or permanent pen on the back.

5. Affix magnetic frame to the fridge and observe the changes the arrangement makes as it dries. You can even jot down any observations on the frame with dry/erase marker.

Magnetic picture frames come in a variety of sizes to suit any project. Click here to learn more.  

Frame Pressed Flowers

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