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6 Easy Steps to Building Your Own Vision Board

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Have you heard of vision boards? They're part of a cultural trend to encourage a positive outlook on life and to reach your goals. Your board can be a fun project for yourself or you could include your kids and make a family board.

1.Here’s how to make a small vision board using our 11x17 magnetic picture frame which will keep it clean plus be super easy to change out:

2.Decide what you want your vision board to reflect. It can be used to describe a personal goal, a job you want, or even new décor for your living room.

3.Have fun collecting photos, articles, swatches and quotes for your board. You’ll find them in magazines, your own memorabilia, and online – print out whatever you find that works for you.

4.Need some ideas? Do a Google image search for vision board examples.

5.Cut a piece of poster board 11” x 17" or just a smidgen smaller. Start gluing or taping your memory board collection to it, creating a design that is pleasing to your eye. Slide it into the magnetic sign holder to keep your memory board items intact and clean. You can slide your board in and out of the magnetic frame when you want to add to it.

6.Stick it on your fridge door, on the side of a filing cabinet, or for that matter any metal surface—just make sure you’ll see it on a daily basis. It will motivate you to make your vision come true!