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Magnetic Affirmations Holder: What a Way to Start Your Day!

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Life is stressful. Yet studies have shown that positive self-talk and affirmations can significantly reduce stress and promote a more positive, happy self-image. The only trouble is that it's hard to get into the habit of repeating affirmations each day - too often, it ends up as just one more task on the to-do list, even adding to stress instead of reducing it.

Our magnetic affirmations holders could be the answer. Choose from a variety of sizes of magnetic picture frames - the smaller sizes are perfect for individual affirmations, or use a large one to hold a list of several. Write out or print your chosen affirmations, and then simply pop them into the holders and display them around your home.

How about around the bathroom or dressing table mirror so that you can focus on them as you get ready for your day? Put one on the fridge, so you can repeat it to yourself each time you go there. You could even pop a small one into a child's lunchbox each day to help boost their self-image too.

Creating and drawing or designing your own affirmations personalizes the thoughts to you, and can be great fun if you're the creative type. Alternatively, there are thousands you can simply download and print out, to suit your own needs. You may already have a set of affirmation cards - great! Pop them into the holders and you'll be able to absorb your favorite affirmations on a daily basis.

Because our magnetic picture holders are so easy to use, you can switch and swap affirmations whenever you choose, making it easy to vary your focus. These magnetic affirmation holders make great gifts too - why not create a set for a friend or loved one and give the ultimate gift of self-confidence and self-esteem?

Magnetic Affirmations Holder