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Magnetic Picture Frames: Uses for the Office

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If your space at work is getting a little bland the best way to spice your area up is by adding some personal flare. Whether it's photos of loved ones, art, poetry, notes, or even just some reminders, the best way to post these items is not with tape or tacky, but with our magnetic picture frames!

There's no limit to the creativity you can add to your work space. From the image in the frame to what you can do to the frame itself. Our magnetic picture frames have a plastic dry erase front allowing you to write notes on top of images, draw on some mustache's, add a top hat, the options are limited only to your imagination!

Our magnetic frames come in many sizes, from pocket sized photo to an 8.5 x 11 you'll be able to post just about everything. If you'd like to post something large a fun project would be to cut up the image into different sizes and create a mosaic from the resulting pieces!

Office Uses for Magnetic Frames