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Magnetic Recycle Schedule Holder

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The importance of recycling has emerged as a critical requirement for the betterment of our environment. Recycling ensures that waste material, in any form, doesn’t pollute the earth’s surface or the water system.

Recycling services can help you in this regard. You will be able to segregate waste material into recyclable and non-recyclable objects. The waste material will be collected on a periodic basis. The normal procedure is to collect waste every alternate week, which is roughly the period after which a normal household reaches its waste threshold.

A recycle schedule is handy in ensuring all waste material in your house is recycled on time. Our magnetic picture holders are perfect for holding a recycle schedule. The highest quality material is used in making the holder. The die-cut seams are durable and will last for a long time. It has a clear cover that will protect the schedule and ensure excellent visibility. Three sides of the magnetic holder are sealed and the long side is open. You can easily slip the schedule in and out of it.

The solid magnetic back allows the holder to be used on a fridge door or any other metal surface. Most of the time it is the fridge. You can check the schedule in the morning before making your coffee. The weeks when the recycling service is available are clearly highlighted and so are holidays. You can plan accordingly. Nearly empty containers – cereal boxes, yogurt cups, milk cartons, juice boxes and shopping bags– inside the fridge can be cleared out.

Most of us use stickers, magnetic cut-outs, photos and notes on the fridge door. The magnetic recycle schedule holder will be a new and useful addition. You can also give it to someone as a gift.

Magnetic Recycle Schedule Holder