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Magnetic Sign Holders at Day Care

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The places where our magnetic picture frames can be used are limitless, however a particularly great place to use these is at a daycare. Whether you have a child in daycare, or you are a teacher working with the children, bringing these frames to the facility will make a great addition to the fridge or other metal surfaces.

These frames can be used as a great learning tool. Place a variety of numbers in some of the smaller frames and move the numbers around for different math problems. Place words in the sleeves and see what kind of sentences the children can make. The larger frames are great for use as a chore chart, you'll be able to post the days of the week and change the names and chores with a dry erase marker! The frames are a great way to post a list of the children with specific allergies, the helper of the day, drawings, phone lists, and much more! The kids will enjoy being allowed to draw on the photos with dry erase markers without having to worry about the image underneath!

You'll have no use for those clunky refrigerator sized dry erase boards again!

Magnetic Day Care Sign Holder