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Get Your Life Into Shape With A Yoga Positions Chart Holder

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The mental and physical health benefits of yoga are well known, but many of us find it hard to fit a daily yoga session into our busy lives. This clever vinyl magnetic yoga chart holder could be the answer.

Simply tuck the chart into the magnetic picture frame and display it on your fridge or anywhere else suitable in your home. The chart shows an easy to follow sequence of 24 invigorating yoga poses, so you won't forget which pose is which and end up looking like a pretzel. Not only that, but every time you walk past the chart, you'll get a gentle reminder to do your daily yoga session.

People of all ages find that yoga helps to increase flexibility, to calm the mind and to ease the stress of modern life. Because the poses are gentle and progressive, yoga is a great form of exercise for older adults, or for those with limited mobility.

Following a yoga sequence like the one in our yoga chart provides a wonderful start or end to your day. Studies have shown that yoga can improve bone health and relieve menopausal symptoms too, so older women can benefit a great deal; spend just a few moments a day doing yoga and you'll quickly notice the difference. It's also a fun way to encourage kids or grandchildren to be more active - they'll love joining you as you work through the poses.

The yoga chart holder doubles as a magnetic picture frame too, and you can swap the chart and other items in and out of it as you please. Measuring 8.5 x 11, it's the right size to attract your attention without dominating your decor. Get yours today and start enjoying the health benefits of yoga right away.Vinyl Magnetic Yoga Chart Holder