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US Geography Lesson At Home With State Magnets

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Children start learning geography from the moment they are born. Identifying Mommy and Daddy is a focal point of the child recognizing a familiar place. As months progress, the child learns to crawl towards certain destinations, and although no one is certain at what age the name of the area is recognized, the sight of it can certainly claim quick attention.

Teaching the home address and phone number and pointing out landmarks near the house is the formal introduction to geography, which will be a part of your child's future for the rest of his or her life.

When school starts, local geography is introduced, and from there, the world gets bigger. As a parent, relative, or friend, you have helped the child understand the area and the importance of knowing where buildings such as the library, school, hospital and store are in relationship to home. Now there is an opportunity to expand the horizons of the same child with the introduction of maps.

One of the cleverest ideas is a vinyl map of the United States that clings to the front or side of your refrigerator. Made from high quality vinyl film, the map adheres to the smooth or textured door of the refrigerator. Because it clings through static electricity, it can be peeled off and moved elsewhere many times.

When the map arrives, a white backing material needs peeled off before placing the map in a good spot on the refrigerator. Be certain your child can reach it. The outline of all the states for the United States is highly visible. Now is the time to start working with the child on national geography.

Looking again at the size and location of the 50 states may take you back to the days of memorizing their shape, place on the map, capital city, and resources. Knowing that you can put your child on the right track while they're having fun is a good feeling for you, and the first time your child is praised for knowing the capital of Wisconsin or the shape of Oklahoma, a positive feeling about the satisfaction of knowing US geography will start.

Beginning with your own state will establish some important answers to questions that may have been in the child's thoughts, such as size in comparison to other states, location in the USA, and distance to oceans and bordering countries.

Think of the questions that the map may generate, such as why Alaska is so big and how people get there if they want to travel. The concept of having to fly or sail to Hawaii because there is no road can open up an opportunity to teach about shipping lines and trade.

Let your budding scholar be part of the selection process as magnetic state maps are added. Plan a meal around the favorite foods of the state, such as New York pizza. Geography is always fun when a child has help at home.

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US Geography Lesson at Home

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