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US State Magnet Collectors Map (no magnets)

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Now kids can fit US state magnets into place on a state magnet collectors map right on the fridge! By placing your state magnet collectors map where your kids can see it all the time, they'll naturally be drawn to it and start playing with the 2 color state shaped magnets - an instant, easy and fun geography lesson.

Our State Magnet Collector's USA Fridge Map fits the 2.5 sq. inch, rubber 2 Color State Shaped Magnets available on our site and offered in gift shops and truck stops across the US.

The 18 x 24 inch map is made of high quality, adhesive-free, static cling vinyl film. It is easy to apply and will hold firmly to a refrigerator door with a smooth or textured surface. It can be removed and reapplied numerous times in different locations without losing its cling ability. To relocate the map, just peel it off and reapply to another surface such as the side panel of the refrigerator or another appliance, file cabinet, meta
l door or even a large cookie sheet.

Light weight and easy to mail, this State Magnet Collectors Map is the perfect alternative to the metal collectors board!

Please note that it is a collector's map for state magnets and not a puzzle. 

Get the complete set and the State Magnet Map is FREE   USA Magnet Set  -  USA & CANADA Magnet Set

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State Magnets USA Fridge Map (01:44)
Your kids will have a blast learning geography lessons when using our USA Magnet Set along with the fridge map. Geography will no longer be boring and learning the states, capitals and locations will be much easier for them. Visit http://www.internationalgiftitems.com/
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    Your kids will have a blast learning geography lessons when us...