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  • US State Magnet Set and Collectors Map Board

US State Magnet Set and Map Collector's Board (52 magnets)

This US State Magnet and Map Collector’s Board Set includes a sturdy, metal board 18x24 inches in size with the map printed right on the board, as well as 50 state magnets, Washington DC and Puerto Rico. The magnets are 2color, 2.5 square inch molded rubber fridge magnets. 

The state magnet collector's board is also available as a set together with US and Canadian magnets: US and Canada State Magnet Set and Map Collector's Board (65 magnets)

or by itself with no magnets: US State Magnet Map Collector’s Board (no magnets)

State magnets can be put in place on the map board, creating a fun way for children to learn the geography of the United States. It's great for use during quiet times at home and for help in geography class. Completing the map of the USA with state magnets has never been more fun and exciting!

Please note that it is a map designed to fit state magnets. It is not a puzzle.

This heavy metal board does not ship internationally, US only!

Click for light weight Collector’s Map alternative to the heavy board.



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As an alternative to the heavy metal map board, the state magnet collectors map is also available as a light weight, easy to mail, static cling display made of high quality, adhesive-free, durable, flexible vinyl film. It is easy to apply and will hold firmly to a smooth metal surface such as a refrigerator door, other appliance, a 18”x24” cookie sheet, file cabinet or metal door.

The collector’s map can be purchased individually or is FREE when you buy the complete set!

State Magnet Collectors Static Cling USA Fridge Map

50 State Magnets
Washington DC and Puerto Rico
plus FREE USA Fridge Map

USA / Canada Set
50 State Magnets
Washington DC, Puerto Rico
and 13 Canadian Provinces
plus FREE Fridge Map